Kids Home Shirt 2020-22

£20 £26

A new kit, for a new season, at our new home – packed with special design features that make it the most unique and intriguing strip we’ve ever unveiled. The home shirt has three elements taken from three previous kits.

Glyn wore all three when he was a player, and all of them relate to huge moments in our history. The collar – which is yellow with two blue stripes - is from the kit we wore in the old first division and when we won the FA Cup the following season. The shoulders are from the kit we wore when Dave Basssett turned us into fourth division champions immediately after we’d been relegated from the third.

Finally, the faint shadow stripes that run at an angle across the front of the shirt were used when we were promoted out of the old second division into the first.

The words “Back to Plough Lane” are printed across the back of the shirt – but there are also some other features that help make the kit extra special. If you look really closely, you’ll notice there are nine shadow stripes – which, of course, refers to the fact that it only took us nine years to get back into the Football League. The stripes themselves run in a South-West direction – a nod to our new postcode: SW19.

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